Recalling Before and After – The West Gate Bridge

Looking from the Williamstown Road/Webb dock area towards the West Gate Bridge, just a day or so before the bridge collapsed. Contrast the sky in this photo to the blue of the later photo – such a grim threatening portent over the unhappy … [Read more...]

Port Melbourne, March ’91 by Brian Cleveland

View of the roadway (Beach Street) between Station and Princes Piers with the West Gate Bridge in the background and the Mission to Seamen building on the right. … [Read more...]

Remembering the Westgate Bridge disaster

On 15 October, people will gather at a memorial at the Westgate Bridge to honour 35 workers who were killed when a 120-metre span of the bridge collapsed on that day in 1970. Another 18 were injured, with many crippled for life. The day before … [Read more...]

The Graham St Rockeries

This is the briefest beginning of stories associated with the Graham St overpass. Before the Westgate Bridge was built, access to the other side of the river at Newport was via a ferry at the end of Williamstown Road.  The Graham Street overpass … [Read more...]

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