Marking World Refugee Day 

Princes Pier, Port Melbourne was the point of arrival for the first refugees to Victoria after the Second World War Arthur Calwell was Australia's first Minister for Immigration in the Chifley government. He drove the policy and its … [Read more...]

The Empire Cruise

The photograph in the window of the Photo Shop on Bay St records the visit of the 'Empire Cruise' to Melbourne in March 1924. Here is the photograph in the Museum Victoria Collection Reg. No: MM 111120 - but the image is reversed. Which is … [Read more...]

Constructing the Port of Melbourne

From the Collection - Charles Wynn Kiver Allison’s photo album c1920 (catalogue number 2197) Sixty-six tiny but beautifully photographed views of piers and wharves under construction are treasured in this small album. It belonged to New … [Read more...]

Centenary Bridge

It was not known as Centenary Bridge when it was built, but as the ‘Overhead Bridge at Station Pier’. It was constructed in 1934 to make the ‘disgraceful’ Port Melbourne waterfront more attractive in Victoria’s 100th year. For decades, complaints … [Read more...]

“The Cafe at the Edge of the Bay”

Rita Price was born in Melbourne of Italian parents who had the kiosk at the end of Princes Pier. She told their story at the St Kilda Library as part of the 2015 Piers Festival. "My father worked initially at the Dunlop Tyre factory which … [Read more...]

Allan Whittaker Commemoration 2014

Reflections on 'entitlement' Here is a transcript of Frank Vincent's address to those gathered to remember the life and times of Alan Whittaker, shot by police at Hogans Flat, close to Princes Pier on 2 November 1928. He died on Australia Day … [Read more...]

This is the place

Address by Ted Baillieu, chairman of the Anzac Centenary Commemoration Committee at the commemoration of the departure of the first convoy from Port Melbourne's piers on 19 October 2014   'This is the place Where streamers were thrown … [Read more...]

Commemoration at Princes Pier this Sunday

  All three piers at Port Melbourne were used for the first convoy; Town Pier, New Railway Pier (later Princes Pier) and Railway Pier (later Station Pier).  This Sunday, 19th October, Princes Pier will be the focus of the commemoration … [Read more...]

19 October 2014 – First Convoy Embarkations Commemoration

One hundred years ago, thousands of Victorians embarked from Port Melbourne bound for the battlefields of World War One. By the end of October 1914, 17 troopships had left Victorian shores carrying almost 8,000 troops as well as nurses, technicians, … [Read more...]


Today's post is prompted by the royal visit to Australia and the approach of Anzac Day. The Prince of Wales, later to become King Edward VIII, visited Melbourne in May 1920 on board the British warship HMS Renown. He came to represent his … [Read more...]

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